Adventures in Dublin – Part III

Our days in Ireland were starting to come to a close but we had so much we still wanted to do! The following day we went to the National Museum of Ireland, which was really interesting.

After we were done with that, we set out to head to a Christmas Market. I’ve never been to a Christmas Market before so I was really excited! It was nothing compared to the ones in Germany and other parts of Europe who have had these for many years but it was still enjoyable. Our main objective at the Christmas Market was to buy some gifts for our family.

It was a bit of a hike to get to the Christmas Market but once we got there it did not disappoint! It was so lively and nice to see everyone’s creativity in their crafts. We only managed to buy one gift from the market but found some tea and hot chocolate for ourselves. Afterwards we headed back to our airbnb for the night.

The next morning we ate breakfast at a cafe called Bread 41 and it was delicious! The sauce they used on the eggs was absolutely amazing and the hot chocolate was very rich!



We then set out to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was such a stunning building! We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to go inside because there was a choir event going on and it was temporarily closed. But with how beautiful it looked on the outside, I can imagine it’s gorgeous on the inside.








Next we went to see Dublin Castle. Although not to the standards of some other European Castles, it was really cool to see a castle! We took a tour around the whole castle and learned about some of the history of the castle.









After the tour, we went and had lunch at the cafe that was there in the castle. The food wasn’t too bad but definitely a little overpriced (not surprising!).

IMG_1858.jpg  IMG_1860.jpg

After the castle we went out to do some shopping. We found both goodies for ourselves and gifts for family.




We had dinner at the Metro Cafe and had veggie penne pasta with chicken. We got lucky too because we got there just before dinnertime so the prices were a bit cheaper as well.


Our final day in Dublin was short as well as rainy and gloomy. We found breakfast at a cafe called Lemon Jelly Cafe and I had strawberry and nutella crepes and they were delicious! They were not shy with the nutella either! To go with it, I also had a strawberry hot chocolate and that was just as delicious!


We went to another shopping mall nearby since we had one more gift to buy. It was honestly hard to do much of anything that day because of the rain. Once we found that last gift we went back to the National Gallery of Ireland because there was an area that we realized we missed. Afterwards we headed back to our Airbnb to call it a day. We didn’t really want to be out in the rainy, cold weather so we stayed in to pack and prepare ourselves for the flight home the next day.


I really enjoyed seeing Dublin and hope to go back in another season! It will forever be a special place to me and I’m really glad it was my first international trip! Next time I’m in Ireland, I plan to see other parts of the country. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures! ^-^


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