Kawaii Amiami Haul


Today I have a very kawaii haul from Amiami! The items in this haul are from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, you read that right. Tokyo Mew Mew products. I was nearly screaming upon hearing about new Tokyo Mew Mew products. Those of us who have ever searched for Tokyo Mew Mew products know it’s near impossible without paying a fortune. So once I saw and heard about these products I very quickly pre-ordered them and am very happy that I now have them.

First off, the Cardcaptor Sakura x Little Twin Stars collaboration is probably the cutest collaboration in all of existence. And I was in love with the Sailor Moon x My Melody collaboration but Sanrio stepped up their game with this collaboration. Anyway, this mug is one of my favorite items in this haul. I am a huge tea drinker and therefore am always on the lookout for really cute and anime-themed mugs, hahaha! There was another version of this mug but it was sold out when I was ordering so I just got this one. But no worries, it’s still really cute!

It’s also bigger than I thought it would be! I was expecting it to be the size of the Sailor Moon x My Melody mug, but it’s way bigger! It’s the size of your standard mug so it does not disappoint!

This glasses case was too adorable! I’ve been wanting a cuter glasses case for my bedside table and knew this one would be perfect! It’s also really soft which was surprising!

The last Cardcaptor Sakura item I got was this little pouch. I love these pouches because they can be used for literally anything and they’re just so functional!

Moving on to the Tokyo Mew Mew goodies! This item may seem a bit random since it’s a tape cutter, but my hope was to use it for a small roll of washi tape. I’m just not sure how to get the tape roll out without breaking it. I’m too afraid to use too much strength because I don’t want to break it, hahaha. Regardless, it’s still cute and even portable!

The next item is a pencil case. I don’t normally buy these plastic pencil cases, but because this one was Tokyo Mew Mew, it was an exception. It’s really cute and also perfect to throw a few pens in for on the go.

The last item in this haul is a pass case. It seems every collaboration always comes out with a pass case, haha! I try to avoid buying these because I know I’ll end up with a huge collection otherwise, but again, I only got this one because it was Tokyo Mew Mew.

That was everything in this Amiami haul! I hope you enjoyed it! I will leave a link to the items that are still available.

Cardcaptor Sakura x Little Twin Stars Mug

Cardcaptor Sakura x Little Twin Stars Glasses Case

Cardcaptor Sakura x Little Twin Stars Pouch

Tokyo Mew Mew Tape Cutter

Tokyo Mew Mew Pen Case

Tokyo Mew Mew Pass Case



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