My name is Brooke and I am an aspiring Japanese Lifestyle Blogger! I have a huge passion for Japan and its culture as well as music and I want to share that with the world.

I’ve always had a huge passion for Japan ever since I started watching anime and I want to share it with the world whether it’s music, history, language or even the country itself.

Another passion of mine is music and even though I am a beginner pianist, I want to share my journey and passion with others to help inspire them that it is “never too late.” I’m mostly interested in playing anime pieces and making them more widely available to others. One day, I also hope to learn the koto, a traditional Japanese instrument.

My goals for this blog is to bring together East and West. I want to share my huge interest of Japan with others, especially since we don’t really learn much about Asia in school. There are so many fascinating bits about Japan and its culture that I hope others will enjoy learning about Japan as much as I do! Everything on this blog (maybe except the music and travel posts) are related to Japan or East Asia.

On this blog you can expect to see Japanese language tips, Asian product reviews, folklore stories, my musical journey and anything else related to Japan or Asia!

Through this blog, I want others to appreciate the wonders of Japan and the other side of the world. Perhaps you can get a little something from this blog whether it’s a history lesson or a product you didn’t know existed. Together let’s share the beauty and wonders of the far East! 💮