Sailor Moon Hinamatsuri Figure Review

I'm very new to the world of anime figures. The only ones I have are some Funko Pop figures and a small Cardcaptor Sakura figure that my fiancé got me a few years ago. Before, I really didn't have a huge interest in them because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on … Continue reading Sailor Moon Hinamatsuri Figure Review

A Sakura Etsy Haul

こんにちはみんなさん! Today I have a stationery haul from Etsy! I never really thought much about buying stationery from Etsy but it's actually a goldmine to finding stationery from Japan. In fact, some companies, like Cute Things From Japan, started on Etsy and then expanded into what they are now. Remembering this as well as wanting … Continue reading A Sakura Etsy Haul

Kawaii Amiami Haul

こんにちはみんなさん! Today I have a very kawaii haul from Amiami! The items in this haul are from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, you read that right. Tokyo Mew Mew products. I was nearly screaming upon hearing about new Tokyo Mew Mew products. Those of us who have ever searched for Tokyo Mew Mew … Continue reading Kawaii Amiami Haul

World Market Hello Kitty Haul

I recently came across Jaci Moe's World Market Haul of spring-themed Hello Kitty stationery, and had to get some myself! It was all so cute, I couldn't resist. Besides, I am a sucker for all things sakura as well traditional Japanese. Honestly I was really excited about this tote bag and it's probably my favorite … Continue reading World Market Hello Kitty Haul

A Look Into My Journal: January Highlights

I posted a few weeks ago about starting journaling as a new hobby, and thought I'd show you the highlights of what happened last month. I may not have done much, but perhaps this can be a little inspiration for someone else who is starting out journaling as a hobby as well! I hope you … Continue reading A Look Into My Journal: January Highlights