A Sakura Etsy Haul

こんにちはみんなさん! Today I have a stationery haul from Etsy! I never really thought much about buying stationery from Etsy but it's actually a goldmine to finding stationery from Japan. In fact, some companies, like Cute Things From Japan, started on Etsy and then expanded into what they are now. Remembering this as well as wanting … Continue reading A Sakura Etsy Haul

Zakka Kit Unboxing February 2019

こんにちはみんなさん! Ever since I got into stationery and journaling, I decided to give Zakka Kit, a subscription box by the now defunct Neko Box. February's theme was Mount Fuji, which is what sold me on getting the box in the first place! Below I share what was inside the box: Overall, I have mixed feelings … Continue reading Zakka Kit Unboxing February 2019

A Look Into My Journal: January Highlights

I posted a few weeks ago about starting journaling as a new hobby, and thought I'd show you the highlights of what happened last month. I may not have done much, but perhaps this can be a little inspiration for someone else who is starting out journaling as a hobby as well! I hope you … Continue reading A Look Into My Journal: January Highlights

Cute Things From Japan Stationery Haul

Once I decided to start my new hobby journaling, I have been super obsessed with browsing at stationery, especially Japanese stationery. I did an order from Cute Things From Japan earlier this month, but a couple weeks ago I decided I needed a little more variety in my stationery collection. Plus, they released some sakura-themed … Continue reading Cute Things From Japan Stationery Haul

New Hobby in 2019: Journaling

At the end of 2018 after returning from my Dublin trip, I found myself obsessively watching Rainbowholic's YouTube Channel with her Kawaii Journaling videos. Whenever I got off work and even when I was sick in bed the week of Christmas, I completely binged her videos. I also felt so inspired by them as well. … Continue reading New Hobby in 2019: Journaling