Zakka Kit Unboxing February 2019

こんにちはみんなさん! Ever since I got into stationery and journaling, I decided to give Zakka Kit, a subscription box by the now defunct Neko Box. February's theme was Mount Fuji, which is what sold me on getting the box in the first place! Below I share what was inside the box: Overall, I have mixed feelings … Continue reading Zakka Kit Unboxing February 2019

Tsubaki Oil: The Japanese Secret to Soft Hair

If I'm completely honest here, I am probably the worst at taking care of my hair. I wash and condition it but that's about it. With thick, curly hair that is extremely prone to frizz (especially during Florida summers), I never had the patience to learn how to properly take care of my hair. Once … Continue reading Tsubaki Oil: The Japanese Secret to Soft Hair

Anime Review: Konohana Kitan

I was only able to watch one anime in the month of January, but I'm so glad to have started the year off with this anime! I wanted a carefree, light-hearted anime to start the year off and that's exactly what Konohana Kitan was! It's a very cute, fun anime to watch that is short … Continue reading Anime Review: Konohana Kitan